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Optimum nutritional support for the thyroid gland* 



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Sustaining a healthy thyroid gland and balanced thyroid function is necessary for effective adrenal function but can be more difficult during stress and adrenal fatigue.* Thyroid function requires certain nutrients and Thyro-Balance  is a nutrient complex formulated by Dr. Wilson to nutritionally support optimum thyroid health and function.*

  • helps compensate for nutrients used up during stress
  • hormone-free
  • enhances and does not suppress balanced thyroid activity*
  • easy-to-use liquid
  • just a few drops provides a full range of specific nutrients essential to optimal thyroid function*
  • sufficient amounts of each nutrient for effective support*
  • bioavailable nutrient forms facilitate nutrient absorption and utilization by thyroid gland*
  • balanced synergistic combination enhances efficacy of individual nutrients*
  • vegetarian


Adrenal and thyroid gland functions are so closely interconnected that every cell in your body responds to both thyroid and adrenal hormones. They work together to generate the energy used in all physiological processes in your body. Your thyroid gland, near the base of your throat, is the main gland responsible for regulating metabolic rate, energy and heat production. The hormones it produces also play important roles in mental function, mood, weight accumulation, bowel function, bone density, skin and hair quality, and other physiological processes.* A balanced amount of thyroid hormone helps your adrenal glands perform more efficiently; too much or too little can exacerbate adrenal fatigue.* Likewise, healthy levels of the adrenal hormone, cortisol, enhance your thyroid’s effectiveness. When cortisol levels are high, as they are during stress, it is more difficult for your body to convert thyroid hormone into its biologically active form, and for your tissues to respond to the thyroid hormone signal. Frequent or prolonged stress can therefore make it seem like your thyroid hormone levels are low, even when circulating levels are normal.* When cortisol levels are low, as they are during adrenal fatigue, and your adrenals cannot keep up with the thyroid generated energy, your body lowers thyroid output making it less efficient at doing its job.* So, both the high levels of cortisol that can occur with stress and the low levels that occur during adrenal fatigue can result in less effective thyroid function.*

This mutually dependent relationship between your adrenal and thyroid glands means that it is essential to support thyroid function during stress and adrenal fatigue, and to check the function of both glands when either thyroid or adrenal dysfunction is suspected.* With proper nutritional support, your thyroid can more readily manufacture and secrete thyroid hormones as needed by your body to maintain health, even during periods of stress or adrenal fatigue.*

Thyro-Balance  was expertly formulated by Dr. Wilson to provide the optimal forms, proportions and amounts of the specific nutrients needed daily by your thyroid gland that are often missing or deficient in the average diet.* These nutrients are specially processed to make them easy for your thyroid to absorb and utilize, and are synergistically blended to produce optimal thyroid nutrition.* This nutrient formula contains no hormones, glandular or animal ingredients, and is designed to nutritionally support healthy thyroid function without suppressing thyroid activity.* Even people who take thyroid hormone can benefit from nutritional support of their thyroid gland.* Adequate nutrition promotes optimal production of the main thyroid hormone, thyroxine (T4), and conversion to its active form, triodothyronine (T3), and of the thyroid hormone, calcitonin, which helps maintain bone density.*

Your thyroid is a delicate gland that may require extra nutritional support to function optimally at times.* Unfortunately, the average diet often fails to provide even minimal amounts of some of the specific nutrients it needs every day.* Poor food (especially lots of sweet things), stress, lack of sleep, environmental pollutants like fluoride and chlorine, birth control pills, pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause, as well as other factors can increase your thyroid's nutritional requirements.* Two to six months of consistently taking Thyro-Balance  daily as directed should help nutritionally replenish your thyroid gland.* However, many people choose to continue taking Thyro-Balance  every day to maintain optimal support for healthy thyroid function.* The bioavailable nutrients it provides continue to be absorbed and utilized, not only by your thyroid, but by every organ and tissue in your body.* They are in a highly absorbable, low dose form to allow long term use, if desired. This unique dietary supplement has been used successfully for many years to promote healthy thyroid function, and can be also be used for targeted nutritional support by people who take thyroid hormone.*

Your thyroid and adrenal glands affect each other. Adrenal stress can increase the need for thyroid support and a large percentage of people needing thyroid support also experience adrenal fatigue.* In these cases it is best to support both glands for optimal results.* Check out our exceptional products for healthy adrenal function formulated by Dr. Wilson as part of his Program for Adrenal Fatigue & Stress: Adrenal Rebuilder®, Super Adrenal Stress Formula®, Adrenal C Formula®, and Herbal Adrenal Support Formula®.* Thyro-Balance works very well with these adrenal products.*

Suggested Use

Shake well before using as sediment may occur. Take 3 drops in non-citrus juice or water 1-2 times a day, or as directed by your health practitioner. For best results, take consistently.* After 2 months, decrease to 2 drops once a day or if extra, ongoing support is desired, continue with 3 drops, twice a day as long as desired.*

This is a DAIRY-FREE and VEGAN product. It contains NO animal products, milk, egg, sugar, salt, wheat, gluten, nuts, yeast, corn, soy, or artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives.

I am taking the Thyro-Balance and adrenal supplements and could not feel better if I tried!! Cathy S. - NY

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your products and how much they improved my life…a friend of mine referred me to your web site and I purchased Thyro-Balance. I am telling as many people about your products as possible, because I believe talent should be recognized and exalted…I am a huge fan of your products and I wish you nothing but extreme success in your future!!! Trace G.        

I just started taking the Adrenal Rebuilder, Super Adrenal Stress Formula, Thyro-Balance and Herbal Adrenal Support Formula a week ago and I can already feel the difference. J. Thomas – UT

LIFE IS TRULY GOOD! I am taking the Thyro-Balance and Adrenal supplements and could not feel better if I tried!! Thanks for a great product line and I am so glad I came across the book by accident!! Thank you. Cathy S. - NY

Your adrenal products have saved my life and my sanity! We love our Thyro-Balance! Donna K. - NC

I feel great since taking Thyro-Balance. Anne B.

I am well pleased with Thyro-Balance. Thank you! Linda P.

I had been doing great on the Adrenal Program and decided to add Good Sugar and Thyro-Balance to the mix. It was amazing. I’m just so thankful to have Dr. Wilson’s products – I was miserable for years and this just changed everything! Jane D.